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Getting touched is one of the most important needs of human beeings, enough body contact is nessecary for healthy and happiness. This is true for all human beeings. You are welcome either if you are man or woman - you can count on our respect and compassion. 

By Tantra-Massage the whole body is massaged and petted tenderly - and the soul is touched. The flow of energy is awakened, senses get open an body experiences a full relaxation. Also the highly sensible genital area is not left out. Sensuality and pleasure are the deepest source of zest for life and happiness. Eroticism and sexual energy are intentionally involved in Tantra, because humans are very sexual beeings. Tantra-Massage can raise the relationship between man and woman to a new level, no limit for phantasy. To massage the loved one and go with him in his sensuality meens giving a very private gift, giving him time and love. May be you touch him only with your hands, may be you use warm oil and fragrant essences, or you softly tickle him with feathers and caress him with silk scarf - important is the feeling of security. A Tantra Massage is lasting not less than one hour, preferably two hours. The room is pleasantly warm, the light is dimmed. Touching of the genital area (Yoni-Massage, Lingam-Massage) is taking place near the end of the ritual. And probably one ore mor ecstatic orgasms occur, though not the primary aim.

In our new, neat and high-quality studio, beside of tantra-massage you can get also various klassical massages and beauty&wellness applications - and of course all combinitions you want.

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